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January 2010: Machias Valley News Observer, "From Brown to Green"
April 2010: The Working Waterfront, "Washington County gets Federal Grants to Identify Contaminated Sites."
December 2010: WCCOG announces completion of Brownfields site investigations.
January 5, 2011: Machias Valley News Observer, "Chamber to Host Brownfields Presentation."
January 21, 2011: Bangor Daily News, "EPA Assesses Down East Properties."
July 20, 2011: Machias Valley News Observer, "WCCOG Brownfields Program Promotes Redevelopment in Eastport." 
November 25, 2011: The Quoddy Tides, "Brownfields Projects Breath Life into Underutilized Sites."

Press Archive

August 1, 2012: Machias Valey News Observer, "Pioneering Module Makes History." 
May 30, 2012: Machias Valley News Observer, "Washington County Council of Governments Gets Grant."
January 2, 2013: Machias Valley News Observer, "Chandler Block Greets 2013 in Style." 
June 12, 2013: Machias Valley News Observer, "Lighthouse Lobster and Bait open in Eastport - A Brownfields Success Story." 
October 30, 2013: Machias Valley News Observer, "Brownfields Program Expands its Reach." 
November 13, 2013: Machias Valley News Observer, "Communities Network During Washington County Downtown Day." 
December 27, 2013: Quoddy Tides, "Seafood Processing Company plans to open Eastport Facility" Downtown Day." 
March 14, 2014: Quoddy Tides, "Pembroke Town Office nears Completion." 
July 11, 2014: Quoddy Tides, "Millennium Marine Celebrates Opening." 
Washington County
Council of Governments
March 13, 2015: Quoddy Tides, "Park Planned for Site of Former Garage." 
March 25, 2016:  Quoddy Tides, "Lubec eyes cleanup of contaminated site." 
January 13, 2017:  Quoddy Tides, "Lubec's brownfield cleanup nearly done." 
January 13, 2017: Quoddy Tides, "Boutique Hotel downtown set to be launched." 
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